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Princeton Municipal Light Dept. saves our ratepayers money and energy with money-saving Incentive and Rebate Programs through our alliance with HELPS, and others—including our latest one, "Connected Homes". See the Rebates/Incentives box below for details.

Need a Free Home Energy Assessment? Call 888-333-7525 to schedule one today!

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT EV CHARGERS: PMLD is always concerned with your power quality and reliability. Installing an EV Charger will put an additional load onto the distribution system and could cause a power quality issue. Please let PMLD know if you have installed an EV Charger, or are planning to install one. PMLD will inspect your transformer and upgrade it if necessary, at no cost to you.

Check into all the saving opportunities now!


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PMLD parters with HELPS and others, who offer a wide array of Rebates and Incentives to assist you with the costs of implementing a variety of energy efficiency measures.

PMLD is offering a new program called “Connected Homes”. Now, Princeton residential customers can better manage the smart WiFi-connected devices in their homes and save money, while reducing their carbon footprint. Learn more about PMLD’s Connected Homes:

Learn more about Available Rebates for:

  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Home Efficiency
  • Cool Homes
  • WiFi Thermostats
  • EVs and Plug-in Hybrids
  • Rebate/Audit Flyers
PV Solar Rebate Program Info


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Princeton Municipal Light Department offers a Free Charger for fully Electric Vehicles, and either a $200 or $300 Rebate for Plug-In Hybrids (depending on battery size).

  • Learn more about Scheduled Charging.
  • See PMLD's Charging Agreement.
  • Watch How-To and Informational Videos about EVs.

Questions about EV Incentives & Rebates? Email Or call 1-413-589-0141 to speak with an EV Program Analyst.

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